Hug a Hut – 30th/31st August

Weekend of the 30th/31st August.
Hug a Hut, 2 days where we support the Rhosnessney Scout Group, with maintenance on the Hut.
Explorers are able to stay over on Saturday evening if they want, K2 will provide Food during the day and a takeway in the evening.
Come and join in when you like over the 2 days, could be just and hour or as long as 2 full days up to you.

Red Rose

Red Rose 2014

This summer we’re going to Red Rose 2014

Red Rose 2014 is an international Scout and Guide camp organised by West Lancs Scouts. The next Red Rose camp happens 26 July – 2 August 2014 at Westmorland County Showground on the edge of the beautiful English Lake District and within easy reach of a wide range of activities.



Went kayaking with a spot of rain! The night was really fun and I tried my best to kayak in a straight line, but at least I know my limits!

Would definitely attend another night like this, the people running it were great help and I learnt a lot of useful kayaking basics. The weather wasn’t great but it meant not getting any wetter after falling into the river!

Can’t wait for another chance to do this, mint time!




sun run

Sun Run

This will be your last ever chance to experience the amazing weekend that is Sun Run. The owners of the farm where it is located are developing the site and there’s no room any more for thousands of rowdy Scouts every year!

The main events are two hikes, both leaving the site as the sun sets with the aim of getting back before it rises again the next morning. The Sun Run itself is full marathon distance of 26 miles, the Moon Run is just under half that, so easily doable.

Before the runs on the Saturday night, there are loads of great activities such as fair ground rides, sports and games etc.

Check out their website at and also have a look at the videos below…

Sun Run form

Laura went last time…

“K2 have been on the camp three times already, and everyone had an amazing time. If you are unsure or just want to know more, here’s what happened in 2012:

We travelled in the minibus early Friday evening, everything was set up and then it was time to party in the barn! Complete with live music, acts and performers, and a bucking bronco, it was a great evening.

Saturday was filled with activities on site. The day could be as jam-packed or as relaxing as you wanted it to be. There were fairground rides, bungee trampolines, a climbing tower, inflatables, and team games of tug-of-war, volley-ball and 5-a-side. If you were looking for something more relaxing there were performers on stage throughout the day, and even a petting zoo which gave you the opportunity to hold snakes, a meerkat, or even stroke a raccoon.

Saturday evening was time for the Sun Run (26 miles) and Moon Run (11 miles). Thanks to all the rain there had been that weekend, there was A LOT of mud, which meant there were quite a few slips and tumbles along the way, but it just added more fun to the challenge. We were determined to finish, and – after nearly nine hours – WE DID! We walked into camp just after 3.30 am. I’m not going to pretend we did it in the fastest time, because we most definitely didn’t, but we had completed a marathon, in the night, in the rain, and we were happy!

We packed up our camp Sunday morning and headed over to the stage for the presentation of all the prizes from the competitions over the weekend, and then headed home.

It really was an amazing weekend, and I recommend it without any hesitation. It is a chance to push yourself and see what you can achieve. If you’re holding back because you’re not sure about the walk itself, don’t worry! At various points around the route there is the choice to return to camp on a minibus if you don’t feel you can continue, so just go as far as you can. The weekend is not just about the walking, it’s about the atmosphere, getting involved, and meeting new people. This time the camp will be bigger and better than ever to celebrate the final year of Sun Run. This is your last chance to get involved, don’t miss out!”


Wye Cruise

Overall really enjoyed the weekend away, having nearly no experience managed to paddle 32 miles in 3 days and achieve a 1st star award for kayaking and canoeing.

It was a new experience spending each night in a different location and I can’t wait for the next cruise in September.

I’d like to thank all the adults for making the trip happen and I’d recommend the camp next year to anyone.


Bushcraft & Crate Stacking

During the evening we rotated around three different activities; Feathering, making and eating Orange cakes, and Crate stacking.

K2We used knifes to ‘feather’ or shave small sections of log  which create kindling like pieces on the log.  This helps make a fire quickly.

The next activity was orange cakes. We had to slice the top off an orange and cut out the fruit leaving just the outer peel. We mixed the batter from a ready mix cake batter and poured it into the orange peel and topped with chocolate. After putting the lid back on and wrapping it in tinfoil we placed it on the fire to cook.


The last activity was Crate Stacking, where you are attached to a harness and your team build up a podium with the crates and stack them and the harnessed person climbs up and the aim is to build the biggest tower and hold the harnessed member.

All in all, a really good night.