Gilwell 24

Gilwell 24, 10th till 12th July.
Gilwell Park London, Home of Scouting.
24 hrs of non stop activities, you name it, it’s happening..
Check out the Website,
Cost £50, includes, Food, Camp & Activities, Coach and T shirt.
Fill in the attached form and hand into Jake Myatt before 22nd May with full payment.
K2 Members costs are being subbed by K2 and your ticket price has been reduced from £71 to £50……

Only 49 seats for the whole district, book now……………..

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Independence Day

Monday evening allowed us to learn first hand about politics both in the UK and the EU from politicians themselves.


It was also an opportunity for us to get our voices heard and openly discuss any issues which we felt affected us in our local area.

Although the evening was very informative, it highlighted for many how unsure we are on many political issues, which I think led to the majority voting against 16 year olds getting the vote.


Laura said, “One of the main things I learned from the evening was that this lack of political knowledge is not limited to the younger age groups and needs to be addressed across the population.”

Kelly kettle

I’m a lumberjack…

Three bases tonight with a theme of lumberjacking…

First Moz and Jake ran a base on Kelly Kettles, a stove your average lumberjack would never be without. The groups were split into two teams and challenged to be the fastest to boil up some water.

Kelly Kettle

Next up was the axes base with old man of the woods Gethin off of 1st Rhosnesni Scouts and his young apprentice Dangerous Dan.

Tom chopping

Finally, a use for all those logs – Swedish Candles, on which were cooked camp doughnuts under the watchful eyes of John & Dean.

Swedish log

Burn baby burn

Moel Famau

Sausage on the Summit

As it was quite close to the longest day of the year, we thought we’d trot up the nearest hill that needs a permit for us to get up it and watch the sunset.


Harry found the going easy

After a bit of a delay while various people struggled with directions (including Moz who’d put the map on the website in the first place – his excuse was that he was flummoxed by Dan who’d been a goon as usual) we set off on the steep ascent.


The view was worth the climb

When we got to the top we were surprised to see mist and cloud coming in – it had been such a nice day down in the valleys – but this made the sunset even more spectacular!



Before we got too cold we set up the Trangias and it was soon hot dogs all round. Even Sion came up to join us but Dan couldn’t find his way out of the car park.

A nice night out in the hills :)




Log run

Triathlon K2 style

It was John’s first time running a K2 night on Monday and he came up with a mix of three activities including a gruelling log run. As well as that our Explorer’s shooting and climbing skills were tested.


It was a fantastic sunny evening for it and the everyone had a great time. Thanks to Adrian for helping with the climbing.


At the end Butch gave out some badges – make sure they get sewn on! Cue cheesy grins…


Here’s Army Dan being a meerkat…



Community Week

This week a good proportion of  non lazy members of K2 who weren’t “revising” managed to get themselves down to Ysgol Maes y Llan in Ruabon for some Community time! 

The challenges were set and painting was first on the agenda and even Deano turned up to help out (hold the gasps).  Furious painting commenced. We started turning the slightly pale wooden building into a very very dark brown one.

However some ‘painters’ found the simple task of smearing paint onto a flat surface much too difficult as their efforts started to resemble an old toilet bowl (COUGH Alex L and Tom). However Butch and Gok where on hand to rescue the building and correct any and many mistakes we made.

The more successful painting group.

The more successful painting group.

Whilst the destructi.. I mean decoration was taking place the girls had gone of and fixed up the campfire circle by placing the seating logs back into the correct places and securing them with stakes. This will be invaluable to the community as everyone loves a campfire!

The hard work by the girls pays off! #GIRLPOWER

The hard work by the girls pays off! #GIRLPOWER

The lovely ladies from the school lavished us with drinks and crisps to spur us on and give us the fuel we needed. Go E numbers!

A select few (the strongest) were given the final task of digging the beds in the greenhouse, armed with shovels the work was quick and sweaty. Oh look there’s me!

Just diggin'

Just diggin’

As Deano trimmed away with his new toy behind us (a strimmer before anyone gets any ideas) and anyone not digging helped finish up the painting. The beds were dug and nearly completed, good progress was made.

On a more serious note we really thank Ysgol Maes-y-Llan for giving us such a great project to help with, and the work we put in really shows how a little help from a  few can make a big difference to so many! As the happy faces of the staff and helpers showed.


This image finally confirms my theory that Butch is a vampire as he WAS standing between me and Gok. Oh Dear


Paintballing group



After attending this amazing evening I have learnt  a valuable lesson about paintballing. It hurts! I am not sure which one I felt more: pain or pleasure (do with that as you will) but one thing is for certain. Whoever missed out on this activity really missed out.

Never have I had more fun smacking someone in the head with my orange balls than I had on this night. From participating in a tire match and being the last one in my team (i’ll get you next time Carmen!) by using my award winning camping strategy, to capture the briefcase where I strategically positioned myself to halt pursuers and ensure that our team succeded (What I really mean is hiding behind a barrel like a chicken waiting for my glasses to clear while Rhian barks orders at me).

Finally came the free for all (or, as I like to put it, let’s all shoot Naz!) in which I exhausted my remaining shots into Naz’s head along with everyone else. There was something about Naz’s screams of pain that gave me an immense sense of satisfaction.

An extremely fun filled and action-packed evening that I strongly suggest anyone who enjoys shooting at people who you pretend to like but secretly wish to slice their face off with a potato peeler. (Oh and I almost cried when Chris was denied a coupon for being the best player!) A good night indeed!

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