Bushcraft & Crate Stacking

During the evening we rotated around three different activities; Feathering, making and eating Orange cakes, and Crate stacking.

K2We used knifes to ‘feather’ or shave small sections of log  which create kindling like pieces on the log.  This helps make a fire quickly.

The next activity was orange cakes. We had to slice the top off an orange and cut out the fruit leaving just the outer peel. We mixed the batter from a ready mix cake batter and poured it into the orange peel and topped with chocolate. After putting the lid back on and wrapping it in tinfoil we placed it on the fire to cook.


The last activity was Crate Stacking, where you are attached to a harness and your team build up a podium with the crates and stack them and the harnessed person climbs up and the aim is to build the biggest tower and hold the harnessed member.

All in all, a really good night.

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