After attending this amazing evening I have learnt  a valuable lesson about paintballing. It hurts! I am not sure which one I felt more: pain or pleasure (do with that as you will) but one thing is for certain. Whoever missed out on this activity really missed out.

Never have I had more fun smacking someone in the head with my orange balls than I had on this night. From participating in a tire match and being the last one in my team (i’ll get you next time Carmen!) by using my award winning camping strategy, to capture the briefcase where I strategically positioned myself to halt pursuers and ensure that our team succeded (What I really mean is hiding behind a barrel like a chicken waiting for my glasses to clear while Rhian barks orders at me).

Finally came the free for all (or, as I like to put it, let’s all shoot Naz!) in which I exhausted my remaining shots into Naz’s head along with everyone else. There was something about Naz’s screams of pain that gave me an immense sense of satisfaction.

An extremely fun filled and action-packed evening that I strongly suggest anyone who enjoys shooting at people who you pretend to like but secretly wish to slice their face off with a potato peeler. (Oh and I almost cried when Chris was denied a coupon for being the best player!) A good night indeed!

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