Community Week

This week a good proportion of  non lazy members of K2 who weren’t “revising” managed to get themselves down to Ysgol Maes y Llan in Ruabon for some Community time! 

The challenges were set and painting was first on the agenda and even Deano turned up to help out (hold the gasps).  Furious painting commenced. We started turning the slightly pale wooden building into a very very dark brown one.

However some ‘painters’ found the simple task of smearing paint onto a flat surface much too difficult as their efforts started to resemble an old toilet bowl (COUGH Alex L and Tom). However Butch and Gok where on hand to rescue the building and correct any and many mistakes we made.

The more successful painting group.
The more successful painting group.

Whilst the destructi.. I mean decoration was taking place the girls had gone of and fixed up the campfire circle by placing the seating logs back into the correct places and securing them with stakes. This will be invaluable to the community as everyone loves a campfire!

The hard work by the girls pays off! #GIRLPOWER
The hard work by the girls pays off! #GIRLPOWER

The lovely ladies from the school lavished us with drinks and crisps to spur us on and give us the fuel we needed. Go E numbers!

A select few (the strongest) were given the final task of digging the beds in the greenhouse, armed with shovels the work was quick and sweaty. Oh look there’s me!

Just diggin'
Just diggin’

As Deano trimmed away with his new toy behind us (a strimmer before anyone gets any ideas) and anyone not digging helped finish up the painting. The beds were dug and nearly completed, good progress was made.

On a more serious note we really thank Ysgol Maes-y-Llan for giving us such a great project to help with, and the work we put in really shows how a little help from a  few can make a big difference to so many! As the happy faces of the staff and helpers showed.

This image finally confirms my theory that Butch is a vampire as he WAS standing between me and Gok. Oh Dear


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