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On July 31st, the unit took 31 Scouts from Wrexham to dobrichovice- a small town an hour from Prague, where they stayed for their first week.

The Explorers participated in various activities around the area, including a two-day 26km canoe trip, a tour of Karlstejn castle and a day tour of Kutna Hora, home to the famous bone church and silver mines.

As a group they were also fortunate enough to be able to learn about the history behind the nearby Terezin concentration camp.

For the second week of the expedition, the group stayed in central Prague.

The group completed a ‘Monopoly run’ of the city on their free days which consisted of visiting the main tourist attractions, such as Prague Castle, the picturesque Senate and Charles Bridge.

They also stopped off at the Lennon Wall, which was created at the end of the communist era and designed to allow people to express their feelings and come together in reflection.

Members of the group marked the K2 tour by painting the expedition slogan on the wall.

They had an amazing experience by signing up for the tour. Harry Morgan, 18, said: “what an amazing two weeks I’ve had.”

Chiara Edwards, 18, added: “Czech Republic 2016 has been incredible and a wonderful experience, shared with the best Explorer Scout unit ever and made possible by absolutely brilliant leaders.”

The Explorers have extended a thank you to all eight leaders who made the memorable trip possible and a thank you to all those who helped and contributed with the fundraising.

For a few of the Explorers, this tour marked an end to their time as an Explorer Scout as they turn 18.

For many of the younger Explorers however, this tour was just the beginning, with many future opportunities within Scouting always arising.

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