Hungary 2018

In August 2018 we went on a once in a lifetime adventure to Hungary! 23 Explorers and 10 Leaders made the trip from Manchester to Budapest for a jam packed 2 week holiday.

For the first 10 days of our trip we stayed in our JEKA house in the small town of Leanyfalu, whilst we stayed in the house we went on day trips to other local towns, swimming in Lake Balaton, a roller coaster down a mountain and canoed all the way down the Danube river as well as much much more.



We also took part in some weird and wonderful evening activities, including a bushtucker trial, World Cup night and the cremation of K2’s mascot Frank (RIP!)

For the last 5 days of our trip we stayed in a massive converted night club in the centre of Budapest, we had a full sound system, pool table and cinema room, safe to say we were all very impressed! P.s. 23 explorers all sleeping in the same room was a very hot and sweaty experience….!

Whilst we were in Budapest we made sure to do lots of sightseeing (as well as tons of shopping!) , this included a moonlit tram ride on our first night, being able to experience the constitution day festival and a boat trip down the Danube through the middle of the city.

We also of course did some amazing activities and visited some very interesting places such as swimming in the thermal baths, The house of terror (which is a communist war museum), an underground hospital and an escape room!

Being in the centre of Budapest gave us the opportunity to try lots of foods, such as traditional food on the constitution day, a medieval meal, BBQ style restaurant and a HUGE buffet as a treat on our last night with the K2 Hungary awards to finish!

The holiday was absolutely amazing and an unforgettable experience for everyone, the explorers can’t thank the leaders and of course Almetron and Specsavers enough for making the trip so exciting and worth while!

Bring on K2 on tour 2020!